Welcome to the UC Learning Center page for Non-UCSD employees!
This is a page for participants of UCSD-sponsored programs, i. e. volunteers, nursing and visiting students, and community physicians. The UC Learning Center enables participants to sign up and take trainings required through their respective programs.
To go directly to the UC Learning Center, please click here. See below for important login information:

Username = DOB (mmddyyyy) + last four SS#
IMPORTANT: no lines, no dashes for a total of 12 digits
Password = ucsd (all lower case letters)
Requesting Access to the UC Learning Center
New employee accounts (staff, housestaff and faculty) will be active one business day after start date based on status in payroll. Please do not submit affiliate account requests. For additional information or questions, email myhscourses@ucsd.edu.
If you do not yet have a UC Learning Center account, please fill out the Affiliate Request Form and you will receive an account within 2-3 business days.
To check on system requirements, click here. Should you need additional log in help, please send an email to myhscourses@ucsd.edu.