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The UC Learning Center is the University of California learning management system. The system enables UCSD employees to enroll in a variety of training activities, from required University of California eCourses to hundreds of technical and soft skill programs. Take a course at your computer wherever and whenever you want to; the system is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

To log into the UC Learning Center for UCSD Employees, click here.

To log into the UC Learning Center for Non-UCSD Employees, click here.

System Requirements

IMPORTANT: For security reasons, when you have finished using the UC Learning Center, please be sure to click the log off link in the upper-right hand corner. Then close your browser (all windows) completely before leaving the computer. If you are working on a shared computer and skip this step, other users may be able to access your account on the UC Learning Center, as well as other applications which use the UCSD Logon ID.